Tony Urwin - The Franchise Trainer

As one of the UK’s most respected franchise consultants, Tony Urwin is a franchise specialist with over 35 years’ experience of franchising who helped well over 200 businesses worldwide in building sustainable national and international franchise business operations.

Tony began his UK career at Littlewoods; his quick ascension through the management structure caught the attention of C & J Clark, where he took the responsibility for the development of Clarks franchise division and with his direction, a robust national network and franchise support infrastructure were established.

Tony also led was the roll-out of the Disney Store throughout the Middle East, and within three short years, the business was established in nine countries, with 35 stores trading successfully.

As an ardent advocate of equitable franchise relationship development, Tony has built an enviable career steering global companies to long- term growth and successfully completed projects in France, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Brazil, Bulgaria, Australia, Thailand, Turkey, Spain, South Africa, Nigeria, Russia, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia.

Tony is a British Franchise Association (BFA) Affiliate franchise consultant since 2000, and regularly speaks on franchising at UK regional events.

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