Sherif M. El Sherif - The Franchise Trainer

For over 20 years, Sherif lived and breathed the running of international, as well as home grown, franchise brands for one of the largest retail food companies in the MENA region.

His experience in transformation and turning around under-performing businesses to realize their potential, and his proficiency in ensuring the year-on-year exponential growth for the franchise brands under his management, positioned Sherif as a tremendous leadership force in the industry.

In Kuwait Food Company (Americana), as a COO for the restaurant’s division, Sherif was managing more than 1,800 restaurants, around 20 international and local brands with over then 43,000 employees in 13 countries in MENA.

Amongst his key strengths are his abilities to motivate and lead teams to deliver stretch targets, zero in on identifying opportunities and solving bottlenecks with speed and agility.

With his all-round experience in management, operations, marketing, and finance, Sherif lends a unique perspective to the franchise industry with having led numerous negotiations to acquire and sell various brands within the portfolio.

Sherif’s expertise in franchising is further compounded by his experience as a Member of the Karam Beirut Board in Saudi Arabia, his role as a consultant for Mizuho Gulf Capital Partners Ltd, a Dubai-incorporated investment management company, and other boards in different industries.

Sherif majored in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Business Administration from the American University of Cairo, Egypt, and speaks French and English fluently, and Arabic as his mother tongue.

In addition to being a passionate franchise trainer, and an exceptional speaker, Sherif is a Certified Life Coach, known for his generosity in providing sagacious counsel to many.

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