Scott Hagg - The Franchise Trainer

A visionary and an experienced business leader with a demonstrated history of working in the food & beverages industry, who have been through starting his own businesses, developing his own franchise concepts, and expanding his brands internationally. During his journey in business, Scott has established and franchised over 100 restaurants, and cafes.

With hands-on experience in food service operations for over 30 years, Scott assists entrepreneurs to start their new businesses through a step-by-step, “turn-key” franchisable concept development program.

Supported with his in-depth knowledge in global markets, Scott helps US-based food businesses to embark on international franchise expansion ventures through his proprietary franchise accelerator program.

Scott’s passion is to support entrepreneurship and start-ups, and his mission in life is to provide new generations with the opportunities for success in franchising at national and global levels.

Scott is also a phenomenal public speaker who inspires people with his simple, yet captivating practical insights in today’s business and franchise best practices.

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