Kamel Hantoli - The Franchise Trainer

Kamel holds a bachelor’s degree in hotel management from the University of Applied Sciences, Amman, Jordan, in addition to postgraduate studies in the fields of hospitality and project management in both the United States of America and Austria.
Kamel is a veteran consultant in the field of developing franchise systems, especially in the field of hospitality, where he has developed a large number of major brands, and has worked as a trainer and lecturer with government institutions, universities, institutes, and training centers in the GCC, Middle East & North Africa.
As he held the position of operations and franchise manager in several franchisor and master franchisee companies, Kamel is also distinguished by his practical experience in managing, operating, and marketing franchises, as well as his ability to strategic planning, administrative structuring, formulating operating manuals, marketing plans, and promoting investment opportunities, in addition to his experience in reviewing franchise, and negotiation process.
One of Kame’s most important personal skills is being an exceptional speaker with a great ability for hands-on training, individual & group guidance & counseling, to facilitate the self-learning process for executives and operating teams.

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