Dr.sc. prof. Ljiljana Kukec - The Franchise Trainer

Dr. Ljiljana Kukec is the Co-founder and President of the Croatian Franchise Association. with a successful record of accomplishments of more than 30 years in franchising and SME consulting.

From 2014 – 2016 Dr. Kukec also attained the duty of Vice President of the European Franchise Federation, and presently she is a member of Board of Directors of the Federation, in addition to being a member of World Franchise Council and a member of Association Voice of Entrepreneurs.

Dr. Kukec is also the Co-Founder and Vice President the Franchise Center which is part of the Croatian Chamber of Economy.

Dr. Kukec work aims at advocating a strong franchise ecosystem in societies, and in doing so, she has lobbied with governmental institutions to support SMEs and NGO sector through franchising.

She also works to support initiatives to establish a franchise-friendly ecosystem in Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, North Macedonia and is helping with the establishment of franchise associations in some of these countries. She was recognized by the governments for her work.

During her career, Dr. Kukec helped more than 150 companies in Central and Southeast Europe region to achieve their business development and expansion goals through franchising.

Dr. Kukec also organized more than 200 franchise events, including international franchise exhibitions, forums and conferences, and numerous workshops and lectures in the region.

In addition to her doctoral degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation her interest extends to other subjects such as creativity process, presentational skills, entrepreneurship in cultural/creative industries, design thinking, social entrepreneurship, crowdfunding, and startups.

Dr. Kukec is now lecturing on franchising at the University of Luxembourg, the University of Applied Science in Vern in Zagreb, and on entrepreneurship courses at the European Business School in Zagreb.

She is also a guest lecturer in various business schools, conferences, and events in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, UAE, Luxembourg, Brussels, and many other countries around the world.

She is the author of a Mini Franchise Academy, a one-year curriculum for obtaining recognized degree in franchising at the European Business School in Zagreb, and she is meritorious for the establishment of the Certificate of European Franchise Excellence for the Central and Southeast Europe region.

Dr. Kukec is co-author of the book “Guide Through Entrepreneurship” and editor of the Croatian Edition of the UNIDROIT’s – The Guide to Master Franchise Agreements in addition to numerous articles in national and international business and franchise publications.

Dr Kukec is not only a theorist of franchising but also a practitioner as she has her own female slimming centers franchise “Body Creator” since 2001.

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