Aleksandar Erceg, PhD - The Franchise Trainer

Aleksandar Erceg, PhD is a university professor and author of several books on franchising and entrepreneurship. His PhD thesis was in the field of franchising as a growth method for companies planning to expand their businesses.

His career in franchising started in the year 2000, when he was part of a franchise education program at the Centre for Franchising at University of Texas in El Paso, USA. He also studied franchising at different international educational institutions, and attended several training programs at events organized by the International Franchise Association (IFA).

Dr Erceg is the author of the book titled “The Growth Model of Franchising as a Means for Starting a New Business,” and publisher of many franchise handbooks and guides. He is also the editor of the book “Franchise in Eastern Europe… Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.”

With this experience and academic background, he started the Centre for Franchising in Osijek, Croatia which is offering the popular training course “Franchising from A to Z” that covers several modules for franchisors, franchisees, and all other franchise industry stakeholders.

In his path for supporting franchising and entrepreneurship in East Europe, Dr Erceg works very closely with many organizations such as franchise associations & councils, chambers of commerce, and SME support institutions in the region.

Currently, Dr Erceg helps numerous franchise companies to achieve their business development and expansion goals in East Europe and globally.

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