Supporting Small and Micro Businesses through Franchising - The Franchise Trainer

Spearhead a Momentous and Transformative Movement to Build a Thriving and Sustainable Franchise Industry in your Country.

Course Synopsis

Franchising is a successful business model which provides a major contribution to GDP, and generates thousands of employment opportunities globally every year.

Because of its inherent abilities to build business capacities (by linking mature & start-up businesses), to nurture the entrepreneurial talent, and to transfer technologies and knowhow, franchising has become an attractive development option for many countries to establish favourable institutional, legal, financial, and commercial market conditions.

Franchising has undergone a process of rapid transformation in many countries, and quite often it seems that the implications of this change are not yet grasped by some governments and MSME organizations.

But today, in a fiercely competitive global economic game, these organizations require a degree of awareness to understand the importance and benefits of franchising in supporting the growth of the economies in their countries.

“Our problem is not that we aim too high and miss, but that we aim too low and hit.”


A Greek philosopher. Aristotle is the “Father of Western Philosophy” and one of the greatest intellects in history.


Develop a nationwide franchise awareness plan to stimulate the growth and maturity of the franchise industry in your country.

Establish a franchise culture and mindset as part of the overall entrepreneurship values, and drive the growth of the franchise industry in your country.

This is an inspiring capacity building training course on the role of MSME organizations in supporting small & micro businesses, and building a sustainable franchise industry in a country.

Through a forward-thinking learning practice, this course will provide franchising stakeholders with the ability to support the development of franchising in their countries, and to create a new generation of knowledgeable & professional entrepreneurs, business leaders, government officials, and support service providers.

Course Purpose

  • Extend valuable assistance and encouragement to those in charge of developing the franchise industry in their countries.
  • Support the growth of MSME businesses in alignment with the government’s economic visions, through a results-oriented and impact-driven franchise strategy.
  • Build a strong and efficient MSME sector to serve effectively as the principal engine for accelerated, broad-based economic growth and sustainable job creation.
  • Generate opportunities for banks, funding firms and money-lending/financial institutions to commence extending finance products and services to franchisors and franchisees.
  • Formulate nationwide franchise plans for an advanced MSME business.

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress in every society”

Kofi Annan

A Ghanaian diplomat who served as the seventh Secretary General of the United Nations.

Target Audience

  • Policymakers, leaders, and officials of ministries, governmental and semi-governmental organizations supporting MSME.
  • Decision-makers, leaders and executives of chambers of commerce and socio-economic development organizations/associations/councils.
  • Leaders and executives of business incubators, and accelerators.
  • Bankers and executives of investment firms, money-lending firms, crowdfunding specialists, and financial institutions.
  • University instructors, lecturers, and faculty members of educational centers and institutes.
  • Economists, business experts and academic and strategic researchers.
  • Franchise suppliers and support service providers.
  • Executives of major corporations supporting young entrepreneurs in franchising.
  • Business women and men, entrepreneurs, investors, and members of business society.
  • Business leaders, founders/owners of small and medium sized enterprises, emerging companies, and family businesses.
  • University students and fresh graduates.
  • Visionaries, innovators, and daydreamers.
  • Initiators, creative thinkers, and risk-takers.
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