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*The Nano Franchises™ initiative is about making a social and humanitarian impact by building a commercial foundation, logistical infrastructure, supply chain, and marketing systems for sheltering, and incubating vocational franchise opportunities.

The initiative aims at helping the vulnerable groups in a society, including the financially deprived, elderly people, the disadvantaged, the disabled, at-risk youth, women and families, individuals under rehabilitation, under-represented groups, minorities, and the displaced.

The initiative focusses on maintaining the integrity of these groups by teaching them a craft or handiwork, and creating an income opportunity for them, through a job, desk or a work space franchise which operates from a production facility owned by a manufacturer, or service provider.

There is an endless list of artisanal handicrafts which can be employed in the Nano Franchises™ initiative such as textiles, sewing, canvas work, embroidery, knitting, rug and carpet weaving, t-shirt art, silk-screening, shoe making, carpentry, wood carving, basket weaving, ceramic art, copper arts, mosaics, pottery, sculpture, stained glass, paper craft, soapmaking and candle making, to mention a few.

Nevertheless, the Nano Franchise™ initiative is not restricted to production only, but can also include offering of services such automotive services, junk & garbage removal, general repair & maintenance, household appliances repair, leather & shoe repair, cloth alteration, carpet cleaning & restoration, pet grooming, commercial & residential cleaning, and non-medical senior care.

The Nano Franchise™ initiative must be guided by a government vision for supporting MSMEs, and must be reinforced by the willingness of major business players, and industrialists who are willing to redesign an element of their business, and allocate a dedicated co-working space for the franchise model.

The Franchise Trainer™ main task is to develop a profitable commercial foundation of the Nano Franchise™ model, where the franchisor (business operator, manufacturer, or service providers) provides initial & ongoing support and training to the Nano Franchisees™ in terms of operational methods, quality standards, technology, logistical infrastructure, supply chain, sourcing of equipment, tools & material, and managing marketing programs.

*Nano Franchise™ is a term coined by Sary Hamway to describe a smaller than micro-franchise model to offer a job/vocation opportunity to the underprivileged.

“Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it.”

Rabindranath Tagore

A Bengali polymath, poet, musician, and artist.

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