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Program Purpose



Identify the most important elements which may affect the successful franchise/sub-franchise entry in a specific country or region.

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Program Synopsis

Whether you are a franchisor or a master franchisee who wants to enter a new market, or an investor who desires to obtain the franchise rights of a specific brand, this comprehensive study will provide ample information that will help you understand the variables governing the target market, and provide you with insights for mitigating any possible risks.

This complete study will help you determine the suitability of the business concept, and franchise model in the target market area through the review of the following:

  • Demographic profile.
  • Geographic, and environmental characteristics.
  • Economic factors, retail environment, and business infrastructure.
  • Labor laws and imported talents legislations.

At the end of the program, a complete report will be produced to cover the following:

  • A three-year financial study to establish the financial key factors for entering the market including number of franchised units to be established over the initial term of the agreement.
  • Possible obstacles for entering the market, and the means of mitigating them.
  • Means of transferring the business system, knowhow, launch marketing assistance and other elements of the initial and ongoing support to franchisees.
  • Advice and guidance for customizing the business concept, and franchise model, and recommendations for the proposed franchise fee structure including territory/license fees, royalties, and marketing levies.

Program Language: English or Arabic subject to client’s requirements.

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