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Kushnah Restaurant (KSA)

For Saudi Food Lovers

Priority Target Franchise Markets:

Saudi Arabia, GCC & the Middle East Region

“Kushnah offers a variety of traditional Saudi food full of flavours in a modern fast/casual hospitable atmosphere. The menu includes delectable flavourful dishes served with love and passion including the most popular chicken Kushna in addition to roasted, charcoal broiled chicken & lamb.

Kushnah Gatherings (Lammet) menu items are prepared for families and groups and includes the famous Saudi Kabsa, Maqlouba, Mashkhul, and Biryani, all served with proprietary sauces such as “Kushnah, Dakkous, tahini and spice sauces,

For banquets, weddings, and social events Kushnah offers festive trays of delicious whole lamb “Zabiha” served with choices of seasoned rice, relishes and condiments.”

  • Innovative re-make of the Saudi cuisine, while preserving the cooking traditions and originality of the popular flavours.
  • A large selection of popular Saudi dishes.
  • We mainly seek to satisfy the desires of our local customers.
  • A unique dining experience mastered to perfection.
  • Controlled food costs through accurate inventory management.
  • Full commitment to franchisees’ success and profitability.


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