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Bageterie Boulevard (Czech Republic)

European “Exprès Gourmet

Priority Target Franchise Markets:

GCC, Middle East & North Africa.

“Bageterie Boulevard is a fast-casual restaurant concept with over 20 years’ experience and more than 60 locations in Central Europe. Bageterie. In addition to the famous freshly filled baguettes, the Bageterie Boulevard brand is also associated with golden baked potatoes Patatas, thick creamy soups, homemade ice tea, yoghurt, freshe or a rich breakfast menu. Boulevard work in collaboration with locally renowned master chefs to produce a gourmet range at affordable prices. This means that every day, Bageterie Boulevard guests can enjoy a culinary journey through authentic European regional cuisine, all served with style and an efficiency that meets their needs either for a quick takeaway lunch, or a relaxing dine-in meal with friends.”

  • 20+ years of proven success with a state-of-the-art menu
  • Sophisticated proprietary IT ecosystem“ that manages the entire order process, starting from the customer’s order with our own mobile APP, Kiosk or Cash desk, through the kitchen, all the way back to the customer’s hands.
  • Unique dining experience: “Exprès Gourmet™” concept combines fast food service speed with gourmet cuisine quality.
  • Cost-efficient investments thanks the to the fact that the concept doesn’t require a full kitchen thanks to the fact that the concept doesn’t require a full kitchen
  • Different locations opportunity: from Full-size Drive-thru units, through High-street Flagship restaurants to Small Footprint locations.
  • Long-lasting and successful Loyalty Program
  • Highly profitable Corporate Catering solution “BBBOX”


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