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A long-term customer says.

“We use The Franchise Trainer online resources on our World Manager website because they have been part of our culture since 1981. Back then we had 16 franchisees, all in Adelaide, when Colin Pearce (The Franchise Trainer) made our first TV commercial. He’s been working with us ever since and now we have over 1,000 franchisees across Australia and New Zealand. He trains our customer care centre staff and our telemarketers. He mentors our National Managers on a weekly basis, facilitates leadership meetings and boot camps and coaches our executives – me included. He produced all 16 of our website movies and naturally, I recommend you get in touch.”

Bill Vis - Founder of V.I.P. International and Franchise Council of Australia Hall of Fame Inductee.

Featured Courses

First Week on the Job.

Most new people learn the business badly from someone who has become bad at it themselves. Stop the rot and get the foundations right. Every new employee from schoolies to experienced sales staff should take this course so they get off to a strong start. It's material you don't have to un-teach because the course guides new people to learn your unique processes - orders, safety, sales materials, shipping, complaint handling, product knowledge, work load, compliance and systems. It's just one of the many courses in the Franchise Trainer all-inclusive subscription.

May also be available as a Govt. Funded Cert II Course. (Conditions Apply)

Nothin' happens til someone sells somethin'

Hands up if you want to make a huge 6 figure salary in sales.
Keep your hand up if you want to do it in this life-time.
And do you want to know

  • how to open a sale without being rejected in the first 10 seconds?
  • how to handle objections without losing it?
  • how to ask for the business - and get it?
  • How to master (really master) the kind of natural selling skills that last a life-time?

And if you are a sales manager or a business owner, your tongue is hanging out for a team full of salespeople who want all of the above, right?
May also be available as a Govt. Funded Cert III Course. (Conditions Apply)

"Ya right, there?" and other stupid things to say - and do.

If you run a food or beverage business you'll love this.

The fast paced movies and novel approaches appeal to all ages - but especially to the attention-deprived "Millennials" and "Gen Ys" who are mostly employed in this market. You can use the first few tests as induction and then give incentives to complete more.

Tests include, I coughed in my glove so where do I wipe it? - How to get sacked using Facebook. - How do I get it back on the plate now I dropped it? - I'm too sick to come in, and besides, I've been invited to a party. You pay no extra for the new bits we keep adding.

Stack 'em High.
Watch 'em Buy

Maybe the old saying is true but normally bunging stuff on the counter or piling it on a shelf and hoping someone will volunteer to buy it isn't good business. It certainly isn't good merchandising. Anyone can learn the fundamentals of displays, window dressing, ticket writing and signage and surprise themselves at the difference these secrets of the pros will make. It's all part of the one subscription fee.

How do adults learn?

You can't assume teenagers or adults are mature or clever enough to pick something up first time you tell them about it. Nor do you dare treat them like Grade 1 kids. Yet you have to get people to learn tasks, master new skills and quite often it is for health and safety reasons, let alone for efficiency and profit. You can take this course and understand some of the secrets of getting messages to stick - and it will cost you nothing more than the one inclusive monthly fee. you pay for ALL the courses

Great phone skills

You're probably blowing 30% of your potential revenue back up the phone line. Complaints about business telephone service are sky high because everyone is hopeless at it - even those who think they are perfect. It's not hard to fix and with this Franchise Trainer course included in your blanket subscription, the price is right.

I'm from the Government and I'm not here by accident

In 2009 when the Labor government dumped Work Choices and introduced Fair Work, most people's heads spun. The Ombudsman's "helpers" could drop on you at any time with a surprise you hadn't counted on. Newspapers report daily about yet another small business owner being fined HUNDREDS of thousands for non-compliance even though they thought they were on the ball. Cover yourself with a basic understanding.

Why isn't everyone just like me? I

Ho Ho. That's a good question and one that has some interesting answers - all explained in this course. Not only is everyone not like you but they are wishing you were like them. If you work with trees, and animals, you don't need this course. If you interact with any human being at all, this is the most valuable learning you can experience. And the good news is, once you enroll in any course, this one is included.

Why isn't everyone just like me? II

If you are a team leader you have to learn the language that presses people's buttons. There are actually whole sets of different words you have to use for each personality style. You don't know them yet so supervision and management are a bit of a puzzle, right? You will solve the puzzle when you've done this course. This program is worth the monthly fee all on its own - and to think you get all the others with it, without paying more.

Out of the rat race

Just because you are an entrepreneur doesn't mean you have to go around grumpy, bossy, waking up at 2:43 AM worrying about cash flow, working long hours, being misunderstood, getting sick, becoming permanently ill or dying before your time from stress-related illness. This course shows you that you CAN have more time off, have more fun and create a whole lot less chaos and stress around yourself.

Helping customers to pay your wages

Customer service is helping as many customers in as many ways as possible to have such a good time with us that they come back time and again, bringing their money with them and dragging their friends and family behind them. See your job and your customers more like a day in a fun parlour than a drag. You'll learn the value of customers, the ways to treat them and some systems that make it easy for them to pay your wages.

Handling Angry People

Here's a minefield where you can get slaughtered with breeches of Fair Work rules. Working with people isn't getting easier because colleagues, bosses and customers alike have become more demanding, greedier, more self interested; sometimes spiteful, deceptive or just plain nasty. This course will give you the coping mechanisms to stay sane, safe and happy. It's included in your umbrella subscription.

What's it all about, anyway?

Most people don't plan to get anywhere and then wonder how they ended up somewhere else. This is a course that helps you work out what it would be like for you to live with what it calls "a Glorious Quest". Most people don't have one, don't think they deserve one and wouldn't know what to do if one fell on them yet, those who think they can change the world, usually do. Maybe that's what you will do.

It's not my fault!

Sooner or later someone has to take responsibility and this program explores why it is so hard for some people to stand up and be counted. It covers smart choices, self esteem, character, balanced rational responses to crises, why some people fail again and again, and why other people succeed beyond expectations. It gives you the chance to own your decisions, master your reactions and put whatever your personal discomforts you have into perspective.

How to build character into your life and organisation

Course No 1 in the Character Works series will take you behind the fame and glory of the likes of Sir Donald Bradman or the quiet humility of Mary McKillip and will help you explore all the other 12 main character qualities you need in the atmosphere of a successful organisation. You will discover that character is all about doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do and you will see how it transcends KPIs, 360° surveys and Fair Work Laws.

How to value courage

Jean Batten the New Zealand pioneer woman pilot was a woman of enormous courage. Through her you will discover how the character quality of courage fits into your organisation and small work teams. Some stuff just doesn't get done because no-one had the courage so far to do what was necessary. Now you might well see your way clear.

Does compassion have a place at work?

Too right it does and the life of General Sir Edward Weary Dunlop is proof. His example is the backbone to this stirring lesson on the way compassion can lift your organisation to new heights of human interest. You will find that focussing in the needs of others will bring a higher sense of team play than the traditional night of bowling or heavy drinking.

Loyalty works

Sir Edmund Hillary is noted for his conquering of Mt Everest in 1954 but he said he'd prefer to be remembered for his work in Nepal with schools, hospitals, roads and airstrips than a footprint on a mountain. He was fiercely loyal to the Nepalese people and spent his life supporting them. His example is the source of this study on the importance of building team loyalty, customer loyalty and brand loyalty.

Ya gotta laugh!

You could walk through any shopping centre and decide that joyfulness had been banned by the Grumpy Police or the Busy Cops. John Simpson's endearing and heroic actions in World War I form the foundation of this lesson about creating an atmosphere of delight and pleasure around yourself so that your work place buzzes with harmony and purpose.

But I can't draw!

You can't draw a cat to convince a 2 year old you know what one is so you think you are not creative. Well as you will learn from one of Australia's most famous indigenous heroes of character, it's not always about visual art. Creativity is about finding fresh new ways to solve problems and invent novel ideas to work through difficulties. Everyone functions at that level of creativity. We just have to honour it as a character quality and encourage it out of each person. This course shows you how.

Honesty is the best policy!

Is honesty about freely insulting someone and telling them you are just being "honest"? Not at all. Honesty is carefully matching what is said or reported precisely to what actually took place without breeching respect and honour. Putting honesty into practice personally and at work will make a huge difference to your team relationships but in some cases you might have to break down a life time of habitual little white lies.

Determination works!

Do you have trouble getting your team to persevere with tasks, sales targets, follow up calls, getting jobs finished on time–but properly? Everyone does. It's a plague. But you can use this course to build this character quality in your people - as well as your own personality. Seeing things through to a satisfactory end where everyone is pleased is a rare thing these days and you can OWN it.

Patience is a virtue.

It is a virtue and nowhere is it needed more than in business - with the exception of say - at the bank, or at traffic lights or at home or waiting to use the bathroom or watching someone learn a new skill and messing up the simplest of tasks...

Well, there was no-one more patient than Albert Facey and as you study his life and the character quality of patience you will find it is not such a hard quality to master and enjoy in your work place.

Be careful, or you'll...

The need for carefulness manifests itself in a myriad ways. Everyone who handles cash, change, wrapping, storage, shelving, stock counts, rosters, time sheets. wages, ordering, invoicing and crediting needs the character quality of carefulness. School teaches us that some of us are not gifted with carefulness so we get the mistaken idea it is a skill that few have. It is not. When seen as a character quality it soon pops out of everyone.

Benevolence is a big word

It simply means to intentionally showing good will to others. That means adopting deliberate behaviours like following the golden rule, considering other people first, letting someone else have the second piece of birthday cake, letting someone else have that car park. Can't you see that if your people exercised benevolence, customer service would be a given? It doesn't come naturally though and you need to drill it and expect it This lesson is a powerful way to get started.

And yes, like all of these courses it is included in the one monthly price.


You've probably never heard this word being mentioned at work - seems soft doesn't it? It's probably not come up at school or at sport or home much lately either, yet it is the one word that President Nelson Mandela said was going to be at the core of South Africa's healing as a nation. You'll learn its also one of the qualities that made Sister Mary McKillop famous. Letting go of past hurts and being willing to restore relationships (where it is safe to do so) is going to present some learners with challenges but once we conquer our fears and resentments we are then free to be better people.

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Expert Advice

Colin Pearce says.

“People don’t engage with what you do. They engage with why you do it.

Here’s why I am here: I get up every morning like the sun, determined to be a total threat to darkness and to encourage others to do the same. One day many of the people taking these courses will be a total threat to darkness in their own way. They'll be employers, heart specialists, marketers, financiers, peace keepers, aid workers, mothers, teachers, fathers; people with a sense of destiny who will head up companies, run governments, control health systems, deliver relief programs and take their turn at changing the world. 

The values embedded in these courses have served me well. Sharing them like this is my way of keeping the lights on.”